David W. Harrington

Thought Leadership and Brand Journalism Consultant.



very thought leader has great ideas that are just waiting to be discovered. I help technology founders, executives and industry experts uncover their unique perspectives and turn those ideas into content.

If you have a company, technology or startup that's a potential game-changer, then I might be able to help.


Some areas that I specialize in are: artificial intelligence (AI), cryptocurrency and the blockchain, big data analytics, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, enterprise software-as-service (SaaS), financial technology (fintech), and cybersecurity.





i, I'm David!

I help leaders, executives and entrepreneurs discover their

voice and create new conversations. Whether it's ghostwriting,

blogging or brainstorming, I enjoy helping people craft compelling

stories and narratives in ways they never would have considered.

I've always been fascinated by the people who are changing the world

with new technologies, ideas and companies. My job is to help those

founders, executives and industry leaders uncover their unique

point-of-view and express their perspectives in a way that

changes the conversation.

Here's a quick visual summary of how I work with most thought

leaders and their organizations:

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Whether your goals are to enhance your blog, amplify your message on podcasts or even write a book, I'll help you craft the perfect message on the right channels.

I've studied history, culture, and esoteric philosophy which informs my unique understanding of technology and how it impacts the world we live in. I've even worked "in the trenches" in Silicon Valley at a startup that went on to be acquired by GE for over $900 million. 


I also attend conferences and events globally as a press and media member, regularly interacting with some of the most well-known business and cultural leaders both in and outside the technology space. I'll help you get plugged into the right networks and circles to expand your reach.

I currently reside in Thailand as a naturalized citizen and enjoy reading, culinary tourism and any activities involving wild animals and nature. At present, I'm reading books on brand journalism, angel investing and ancient underwater civilizations.

My professional mission is to help you find your voice, tell your story and uncover hidden intellectual gems that will create entirely new dialogues within your industry.



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David is focused, professional, easy to work with and brings a fresh approach. His dedication to the story creation process - from researching and interviewing thought leaders to writing content - is top-notch."
- GE Ventures



"David is our go-to content marketing specialist - we've worked together on multiple projects of various lengths. He's got a great multifaceted background that allows him to quickly get up to speed on complex and unfamiliar topics, and then deliver very solid copy."
- Telus International


"David is a strong, detail-oriented writer who works quickly and sticks to deadlines. He has a robust knowledge of the marketing space and a knack for presenting complex ideas in a concise, easy-to-read way."
- Sprinklr





typically work on a bespoke, one-on-one basis with executives, founders and thought leaders.

To learn more about my rates, process and availability please don't hesitate to reach out.

I'm happy to chat to see if we're a fit.To learn more about my rates, process and availability please don't hesitate to reach out.

I'm happy to chat to see if we're a fit.

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