David Harrington

I'm a writer and brand consultant focused on content marketing and strategy

About me

My story is guided by a lifelong fascination with people who are changing the world with new technologies, ideas and companies.

I’ve immersed myself in the study of history, culture, and esoteric philosophy, giving me a unique understanding of technology and how it impacts the world we live in.  I’ve been “in the trenches” of Silicon Valley at a successful startup.  By attending events globally as a press and media member, I regularly interact with some of the most well-known business and cultural leaders both in and outside the technology space.

I take inspiration from culinary tourism, any activities involving wild animals and nature, and reading. At present, I’m reading books on brand journalism, angel investing and ancient underwater civilizations.

Uncover Thought Gems. Create a New Narrative

How can my study of ancient underwater civilizations help your business?  In the same way that my interests, influences, and experiences form my story, they inform my work and qualify me to help you write your unique narrative.

I help leaders, executives and entrepreneurs discover their voice and create new conversations. Innovative ideas need to be understood to have their intended impact. I help you refine complex ideas into a message that engages your audience.

I encourage you to dive deeper into what inspires and motivates you to create change. Whether it's ghostwriting, blogging or brainstorming, I can work with you to craft your compelling story.

Want to enhance your blog, amplify your message through a podcast, or write a book? I’ll help you craft the perfect message on the right channels.

As a Thought Leadership and Brand Journalism Consultant, my professional mission is to help you find your voice, tell your story and uncover hidden intellectual gems. Together we will create entirely new dialogues within your industry, with you at the helm.

David Harrington

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