Becoming an Industry Icon

A Thought Leadership Workshop for Founders and Executives

What’s Your Story?

Every technology leader, founder, or executive has an incredible story that the world needs to hear.

Find your voice. Tell your story.  Create content that puts you ahead of the conversation.​

I work with tech leaders and founders to elevate your individual and company brand from pedestrian to iconic.  By sharing ‘secret’, proven marketing and PR strategies (that most agencies or consultants won’t), I put my experience in tech marketing to work for you.

Becoming an Industry Icon is an in-depth -- yet no-nonsense -- 3-step program that gives you the smart content marketing strategies to create a powerful aura around your brand.

Rethinking content marketing.

Web traffic, click-throughs, and SEO metrics are all downstream from the REAL work of unearthing and expressing those special ideas inside of you.

Becoming an Industry Icon isn’t simply about finding the right keywords or setting up a content calendar. It’s an inner journey of discovery, with me as your guide.

You’ll discover a new way to express yourself and promote your company, shattering self-limiting beliefs and expanding your reach.

Let’s get started:

Session 1: Understanding Your Journey

Who are you and where do you stand?

First things first, who are you?  I want to know your backstory, motivations, and aspirations. What gets you up in the morning? What do you dream big about? It all starts from here. We’ll also take a no- BS look at what your current content marketing looks like.

You might think you don’t  have any unique ideas that stand out -- or you might already have some great ones that can be polished and refined. It’s our chance to find a strong footing, a place to begin your company’s growth journey.

We’ll explore:

  • Who are you and what do you stand for?
  • What’s your dream scenario for your business?
  • What subjects or topics really get your blood flowing?
  • Is your current content marketing congruent with all the above?

Understanding Your Journey is a critical step. Your status as a renowned industry icon begins with an appreciation for your authenticity, your story, and unique point of view.

This process of ‘idea mining’ lets us find the thoughts and perspectives that resonate deeply with you and your target audience. By digging below the surface, you can uncover new ideas over and over again.

Let’s dig deeper:

Session 2: Uncovering Iconic Ideas

What idea gems are just waiting to be uncovered?

Being heard isn’t about being the loudest voice in the room. It’s about having unique, insightful things to say that align with who you are, and what your company represents.

Together we uncover and polish these gems of perspective to allow them to fully shine. By digging into your business, industry experience, and what your firm offers to the market, we’ll give you a strong foothold on how to position you as a game-changer in your target market’s conversation.  

We’ll explore:

  • What are the hot button topics in your industry?
  • Who is your target audience and what do they need?
  • How can you put a fresh spin on what’s being said?
  • What are your bold predictions for the future?

This process of ‘idea mining’ lets us find the thoughts and perspectives that resonate deeply with you and your target audience. By digging below the surface, you can uncover new ideas over and over again.

Let’s get going:

Session 3: Bringing Your Voice to Life

What’s the best way to powerful content creation?

This is where the journey gets exciting! Creating industry-leading content doesn’t require you to spend hours writing your own blogs, articles, or whitepapers. We map out a plan that keeps you focused on brand voice and authenticity.  We flip the script on expensive and time-consuming content creation.

I’ll share the tools and strategies I’ve developed from years of working with some of the biggest tech brands and agencies.  Whether you already have an internal marketing team, or at the outsourcing stage, we’ll create a plan that works with wherever you are in your journey.  

We’ll make a map for:

  • Creating a definitive style guide for all writers
  • Hiring and working with the perfect writers and editors
  • Planning publication on the right channels and platforms
  • Expanding your reach to news and third-party sites

You’ll have a course of direction for creating content that moves the needle in the right way.  

Agencies will have you believe that fancy software subscriptions and PR firms are the only way to rise to the top.  Bringing Your Voice to Life reveals the real secret to success; offering a truly different perspective and value-driven content in the right digital spaces.